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Noryangjin Fish Market - ???????? SEOUL WALK

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I love the Noryangjin Fish Market! Annami and I explore this place for the first time. It's huge and full of amazing seafood! This place is great, and the prices are really good! We will go back again in the future to eat a bunch of raw seafood. Definitely a "MUST SEE" in Seoul.

You can get to Noryangjin Fish Market by taking Line 1 (dark blue line) subway to Noryangjin Station. It is 1 stop south of Yongsan Station on the south side of the Han River. The fish market is located right across the tracks at the train station, so you don't have to walk very far at all.

Come to the Noryangjin Fish Market with your cameras, video cameras and an empty stomach to sample some of the cheap seafood!

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