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Your Reality | Award-winning short film on Gaslighting

0 Wyświetleń • 05/29/23
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Your Reality is a multi-award winning short psychological thriller that tackles the current topic of Gaslighting, with the goal to raise awareness of this dangerous emotional abuse and help you recognise its signs.

The film follows a successful young marketing executive, who after moving in with her charming photographer boyfriend is in danger of losing everything, as she becomes increasingly unsure of her ability to trust her own memory.

#narcissisticabuse #narcissist #gaslighting #indiefilm

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* Big thank you to Brucu Savas @sevgi_icinde for the Turkish subtitles!
* Huge thank you to Ema Juniarsyah for the Indonesian subtitles!
* Thank you so much to Carlos Iván Chesñevar for the Spanish subtitles!
* Big thank you to Abdul Rahman Hasan Alshimali for the Arabic subtitles!

(If you'd like to provide subtitles for your native language, please get in touch via

Theme song:

Director: Top Tarasin (
Writer / Producer / Actress: Tatjana Anders
Executive Producer: John Clarkson
DOP: Jacob Schühle Lewis (
Production: Dawn Sky Films (

Alicia - Tatjana Anders (
Mark - Kyle James (
Sophie - MJ Lee (

Check out the full cast and crew on IMDb:

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