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You Were Probably as Unaware as I Was that Band-Aids Are Now

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Fakty Jebać fałsz
Opublikowany w dniu 31 Mar 2021 / w Ludzie i blogi

⁣A ‘woke,’ absolutely ridiculous 10th-grade teacher took to TicToc to complain about the color of band-aids. She claimed that the light brown color was made for white people and labeled them ‘white privilege.’
She is one of the real race dividers in this country. The misguided teacher is race-baiting with band-aids that have nothing to do with anything but covering up cuts.
Making the kids into victims over band-aids is a bad idea.
This crazy-eyed Marxist puppet is probably racist. Taking on a petty issue on behalf of black people is some kind of virtue-signaling that racists usually do. She is creating a problem where none exists.

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