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[LIVE Count] Coronavirus - Real Time Counter, World Map [Live Corona Count]

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Live Streaming Novel Coronavirus breaking news, World Map and Live Counter of confirmed cases, recovered cases.
Many people worry about the coronavirus spreads.
For someone who wants to know the number and progress of worldwide spread of Coronavirus, I offer this live stream.

It has been passed about 10 days since the test of this live stream begun.
Information gathering process is still buggy and main screen is freeze sometimes..
But I will keep maintaining and improving this channel and live stream.
I seldom terminate program to fix bug but I will keep streaming alive.

## Data sources are derived from several sites.
From "DXY", I am gathering confirmed case and death number of mainland China. DXY has been released the fastest data of China. Most striking data (especially large number of confirmed case and death) is released twice a day. During daytime of China, DXY release updated data sparsely.

----UTC 2020/02/02 16:20 Tencent news added
Tancent news about China nCoV infection is slightly faster than DXY. I combine the numbers of DXY and Tencent News.

--The other countries data is gathered by several ways.
The most fast and accurate data is from Wikipedia. I admire the editors of wikipedia. Editors of wikipedia find their country's news with their own language, and have been updated the recent number of coronavirus infection. Collective intelligence shows great power. Wikipedia is definitely very very important source site in this live stream.

--And one of fantastic data is from CORONAVIRUS tracking site by "The Center for Systems Science and Engineering at JHU". The screen of tracking map are used in many Youtube live streaming. In my opinion, update is rather slow but this site's consistency is the best.

Finally we manually update some data
1. When confliction between data was found.
2. Moderator's free discussion about source news from every viewers.

I think I worked with best people, one major problem is that i'm not in live chat.
When I see it, I can manually update number. But....
Originally I thought that I could handle enough data for live stream "simulataneously".
But as the number of countries sharply increasing, I realized more automated process will be needed for later.
Starting of coronavirus live counter, I hoped that this disaster might be ended in near time.
But I can't assure how this will be going and when this will be end. Today local news announce that one of confimed patient's residence was about 2km from my office. Unseen treat is about to become real one.

I have many plans to improving presentation, but problem is "time".
I am 40-aged dentist living in South Korea. I am working in my dental clinic during almost all day time (UTC 01:00~10:00). If I could devote all time to this work, now I may show flawless data and neat screen. Please understand my circumstance I must share the time with my patient and this work. But i promise that I'll do my best as far as I can.

I majored Life Science, after graduation I joined Bioinformatics Lab for master grade.
I also worked as programmer for 3 years in my early 20s. But I changed my career as dentist, I never tried programming almost for 13 years. Currently I am programming with Python using googling. it is somewhat heavy and slow but "easy and fun".

I will hardly join live chat, because I am seeing referencing sites and revising python code in my all free time. I am very very appreciate to moderators for willingly accepted it - Max Mustermann, Stephanie Hughes, Random, Entrenched Trader, Droid Knight, Craft Fan, Fries, jlpowell73 and The NCV, Josh Leathers,The Eldritch God, and srpk khin.
Since the begining, their efforts and devotions made this live streaming clean and alive.
I am concerning about their condition. Please don't blame moderators.

I hope this live streaming would be very imformative to you.
Thank you for visiting!! Please take care. And keep IMMUNITY!!!
Please sleep, eat and rest fully for resilience.

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