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The EPIC Story Of The 2010 Formula 1 Season: Race By Race

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Opublikowany w dniu 07 Feb 2020 / w Ludzie i blogi

This Formula 1 story is a review of the epic 2010 season where 4 world champions battled fiercely from Rd 1 to the final checkered flag. Be entertained by the action, controversy and full story laid out like you've never seen it before. Subscribe if I earned it so I can make more F1 videos for you:

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Time Stamps Below:
Fernando Sets The Tone - 1:03
The Threat Of McLaren - 5:19
Red Bull’s Worst Nightmare Comes True - 9:17
Not Bad For A #2 Driver - 14:05
Fernando Is Faster Than You - 17:00
Alonso’s Monza Miracle - 22:53
Alonso Takes Control - 27:30
4 Driver Battle Royale In The Final Grand Prix Of The Season - 31:08

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