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Opublikowany w dniu 07 Oct 2020 / w Wiadomości & Polityka

⁣The Bidens' family dealings with China are all detailed in this short six-part documentary by Lightspeed Pictures and BlazeTV. If you had any doubts about China's influence in America in the upcoming U.S. Election, you will have no doubts after watching this documentary.
Vice President Joe Biden lands in Beijing in 2013 for a diplomatic visit with Chinese leadership, including Vice Premiere Li Yuanchao and General Secretary Xi. Accompanying the vice president on this trip is his son, Hunter Biden.
While no evidence exists of exactly how Hunter Biden spent his time during this trip, 10 days after father and son returned to the United States, Hunter’s small investment firm finalized a $1.5 billion business deal, with the money coming directly from the Chinese government.
This is the story of a remarkable and largely secret financial relationship between the Biden family and the Chinese government — a relationship that took shape after Joe Biden was elected vice president of the United States and became responsible for managing U.S. ties with China.
© 2020 Lightspeed Pictures
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