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Sekrety Szczepień / Vaccine Secrets

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Opublikowany w dniu 28 Mar 2021 / w Edukacja

⁣Chapter 1: Introduction. The 69 vaccines children receive today.
Chapter 2: The FDA does not safety test vaccines.
Chapter 3: The entire vaccine schedule has never been safety tested.
Chapter 4: Vaccine makers do not use placebos to test the safety of vaccines for kids.
Chapter 5: Vaccines contain dangerous ingredients. Small doses can be unhealthy. Disease is a product of genetics and environment.
Chapter 6: Vaccines contain DNA and protein from aborted fetuses.
Chapter 7: Vaccines are allowed to have side effects. Some vaccines have not been improved in 50 years.
Chapter 8: Vaccine makers do not have to compensate victims when their vaccine injures or kills a child.
Chapter 9: The government has paid over $4 billion to families whose children were injured by vaccines. Getting paid is difficult. The government is both the defendant and the judge.
Chapter 10: Vaccines can cause autoimmune diseases.
Chapter 11: Measles Lighting Round! What is measles? How many children have died from measles? What are measles vaccine side effects?
Chapter 12: Vaccines do not reliably prevent disease.
Chapter 13: Vaccines can spread diseases through shedding.
Chapter 14: Vaccines do not deserve the credit for reducing contagious diseases.
Chapter 15: Vaccines may be making American infants sicker.
Chapter 16: Some studies have found that unvaccinated kids are healthier than vaccinated kids.
Chapter 17: Massive Money Mayhem Round!
Chapter 18: The FDA, CDC, media and politicians receive money from vaccine makers.
Chapter 19: Conclusion. Are your children still yours?
Source: Children's Health Defense

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