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review 1: Dewalt DCF899 cordless impact wrench removing suspension bolts

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Opublikowany w dniu 16 Jan 2020 / w Nauka & technika

Review 1: Dewalt DCF899 XR 20V max 1/2" drive cordless impact wrench (with hog ring) removing rusty suspension bolts , axle nuts , shock fork bolts and crossmembers bolts. The battery in this video was the DCB205 5.0AH max xr.

Products in video
DCF899 with hogring
DCF899 bare tool hogring
Socket set: 1/2" drive Impact deep metric
Socket set: 1/2" drive Impact deep INCH
Socket set: 1/2" drive Impact SHALLOW metric

Video of the DCF899HB removing crank pulley bolts

There is the model DCF899p2 that is with the pin detent , The one I bought DCF899HB is the "Hog Ring". There is a explaination of the 2 here(2 videos) :
Part 1:
Part 2:

The Dewalt vs other top of the line cordless impacts

It is very powerful , the motor and control seems really smooth. It took off everything except whatever was seized in rubber bushings. It's a lot of power for just removing wheel nuts but if you work on a lot of rusted cars and trucks this is what you would want.

There are some things I noticed, it is easy to bump the speed selector on the bottom of the grip, more than once I found it in position 2. Also It is easy to bump the forward reverse switch , my hand size is small and more than once I bumped the switch into opposite direction. That does happen with new tools you are not familiar with but it seemed like it was easy to do. It didn't use up any battery especially ripping off those axle nuts.

Even though in my other video I showed it was almost 1" shorter than another brand impact, it didn't seem to be an advantage as much as I thought it would. Most likely because they are both very big give or take 1 " didn't seem to me to make a big difference(for automotive)

Never had a tool with an LED light , it is a great feature and helpful for sure.

I believe this tool is known as the DCF899HN in europe.

DCF899 vs air impacts 2135QTI MAX

Close up images of this impact I took




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