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"Josudo's PUBG PC League is a challenge based league where participants complete in game tasks (wins, top finishes, kills, headshots) and earn points. Participants are then put on a leaderboard where they compete DAILY or WEEKLY. Top point scorers earn cash prizes (prizes sent via paypal).

Steps to join:
1. Make a Josudo account (
2. Head over to PUBG Leagues (
3. Click on the ongoing league and then click "Join" on the top right
4. You will be prompted to "Connect" your PUBG PC account.
5. We are using API to collect the in-game stats and process them. This service is not available to PUBG Mobile or PUBG Lite
6. You are all set!

Prizes are given via PayPal every Monday!

Join Josudo's Discord ( to ask any question."


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