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Prokofiev 'Romeo and Juliet' - Deaths of Mercutio & Tybalt - Ballet Hoo

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Opublikowany w dniu 07 Feb 2020 / w Ludzie i blogi

In 2006, Birmingham Royal Ballet gave a performance of "Romeo and Juliet" in which the company's regular professional dancers were joined by a group of local youngsters, many from various disadvantaged backgrounds. Despite their lack of experience and theatrical training, the kids practised and rehearsed for many months and came up with a memorable evening. This is the scene that ends Act 2 where a drunken Tybalt, played by Linden Walcott-Burton, provokes and kills Mercutio and in turn is slain by Romeo. Grief-stricken, Lady Capulet, played by Shireenah, prostrates herself over Tybalt's corpse. Romeo is danced by Jamie Bond, Mercutio by Alexander Campbell, and Linden, then only 17 and not a trained professional, makes a mesmerising Tybalt. (Uploaded with all due acknowledgements to BRB, Youth at Risk, Diverse and Channel 4).

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