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Rebuilding a Wrecked Dodge 2016 Hellcat bought from Copart Part 2

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Opublikowany w dniu 15 Jan 2020 / w Samochody & Pojazdy

Hey guys we are starting the repair on the 2016 Dodge Challenger Hellcat, we started by getting into the air on the lift to check the damage under the car. Also we went for a preinspection at the DMV to get a rebuilt title when we are done with the car. There is more damage on the rear left wheel than we thought, the control arm, spindle and axle are bad. then we took the interior apart to replace the air bag system.

If you have parts please email me at

We are also doing a giveaway of a custom sign made by us.
Starting Date 3/6/19 to 3/11/19

To enter the giveaway for the sign

1. Subscribe to the channel

2. Follow us on Instagram #_nikobrothers_

3. Leave a comment Hellcat and like the video

4. We will pick a winner on part 3 of the Hellcat Rebuild

There is 3 signs and three chances to win

Special thanks to my favorite youtubers who inspired me:
Goonzquad Tavarish and B is for Build TJ Hunt SamcracBoosted Boiz effspot Stradman Vehicle Virgins Streetspeed717 faze rug mrbeast salomondrin superspeedersrob doctam3 bigkleib34 tommyfyea engineering explained doug demuro evan shanks dailydriven exotics

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