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//Oh Maria meme// {thefamousfilms} {Agent and Mafia AU}

9 Wyświetleń • 10/22/22
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Fakty Jebać fałsz
Fakty Jebać fałsz
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Time taken: {One day}
Apps been used: {Gacha club} {Kinemaster} {Ibist paint} {Background eraser}
Song: {Maria}
Creator of song:
{1theK (원더케이)}
Link to they're channel:
{Discord server link}

{Agent and Mafia AU}
Bryan's a agent and Jon's a mafia, both two where friends ever since childhood until........

{do you wanna continue to know more}
{yes} {no}

Song not mine it rightfully belongs to the owner above go check them out give credits for them for making this lovely song

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