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Making a kiridashi Japanese style knife using hobbyist tools

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Opublikowany w dniu 29 Jan 2020 / w Rozrywka

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This step by step video shows the making of a trio of kiridashi style knives I made last year. I'd hoped they would be quick and easy, but getting the full bevel flat took a long time. The chisel style bevel on these knives makes them pretty incredibly sharp.

All of the tools used are pretty affordable and easy to use, so I feel like most people could follow along without investing too much money. Check my other videos to see how to make knives with only the most basic of tools though.

Most of the processes used I learned about on YouTube, and most of the materials used were bought from eBay. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments and I'll get back to you

Materials used:

Steel: O1 tool steel £20.50

8mm brass tube filled with smaller brass and stainless steel rods, filled with epoxy for the pins

Wood: Zebrano (the dark and light striped wood) and mediteranean olive (the more patterned wood)

Liberon Tung Oil: ~£11

West systems 2 part epoxy £45


Draper Bench grinder and belt sander £85-105

Generic bench drill ~£65

Cheap bench vice ~£50

File set ~£20

Irwin quick grip clamps ~£15

Lansky sharpening kit £36.45


Gough Custom filing jig tutorial:

Thanks for watching

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