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Lightening (or removing dye) with Vitamin C and Shampoo

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Opublikowany w dniu 20 Jan 2020 / w Śmieszne

Please do not leave this product on your hair for more than an hour (actually, I'd go so far to say to not leave it on for more than 45 minutes). I've noticed over the few times that I've used this method to lighten my hair that it works best with removing dyed hair and will only lift your natural hair by maybe half a level. I've also noticed that after the 45 minute mark that the Vitamin C no longer lifts/lightens your hair color. Do understand that Vitamin C can make your hair feel straw-like if you leave it on for too long, as well as make you feel sick, and even burn your scalp. Always err on the side of caution!!! If your scalp is burning at all during this process, WASH IT OUT. Thank you, all, for your love and support.

Vitamin C and Shampoo Recipe

50-60 pills of 1000mg Vitamin C, mashed into powder.
9ish Tablespoons of clear shampoo (I used Prell but it's probably best to use a shampoo without dyes in it)
Mixing bowl
A spray bottle, filled with water
A plastic cap, or bag

Mix vitamin C and shampoo
If you feel the mixture is too thick, add another tablespoon of shampoo.
Apply to damp hair.
If mixture isn't spreading easily and/or you've run out of mixture, spray more water onto hair and continue to lather in.
Once hair is saturated with the mixture, cover with a plastic cap (or bag) and leave for 30-60 minutes.
Rinse out, wash with shampoo, and deep condition as this will make your hair dry.

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