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JoJo Sings Aaliyah, Whitney Houston, & Mariah Carey in our 100th Episode of Song Association | E

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Opublikowany w dniu 05 Feb 2020 / w Śmieszne

We made it: 100 episodes of #SongAssociation down. What better way to celebrate this milestone than with a vocal powerhouse who's serenaded the masses for more than a decade? Fresh off her first GRAMMY win at this year's 62nd annual ceremony, #JoJo stopped in to play the Internet's favorite game. Watch as she sings a Whitney Houston ballad, an Aaliyah bop, and her very first single — the one we *still* can't help but sing.

Watch the video for JoJo's single "Sabotage," featuring CHIKA:

Stay tuned for her new single, "Small Things," out on February 21!


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