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Opublikowany w dniu 05 Feb 2020 / w Śmieszne

Hilarious moments we’ve all been in but never want to admit

You know when you are just ready to go on a date, but then one disaster follows the other? It’s just like murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong” – but don’t worry these embarrassing and funny moments is something most of us somewhat experienced on a first date, so you can relate to these hilarious situations.
When you meet the new girl at work, and you try to do everything to help her or impress her. You bring flowers, chocolates and teddy bears to her desk. You also try to help her when she has problems with her computer, and you can’t help but stare at her until she feels awkward.
Of course, some people are more prone to jealousy than others, but when we do get jealous we do some crazy things. We’ll cover our partners from head to toe to prevent anyone from looking at him.
Yet some of us, are so clumsy when we go out on dates that we can hardly not ruin it. Some other girls are way too talkative that a conversation easily turns into a monologue. But let’s not forget the stalkers, where they lurk until the find the perfect opportunity to come up to you and say hi – it will seem spontaneous, but it's not.
We also have the types of people who date that are obsessed with social media. So, they might end up documenting the entire evening, or experience for their profile.
But, regardless of the case, love is love and being happy is the most important thing.

0:07 – When you meet the new girl at work
3:25 – Bloopers
4:08 – What jealousy feels like
4:40 – Types of girls on dates
5:53 – The bloggers
6:35 – Living together
7:12 – Girls vs boys
9:56 – Getting dressed
11:51 – Bloopers
12:19 – 1-year vs 40 years


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