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Epstein News: Bombshell Jeffrey Epstein Book Launches

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Opublikowany w dniu 02 Apr 2020 / w Dokument

Welcome to the Prince and the Pervert Podcast. Now this week there have been some major bombshells in the Epstein case. The first is Ghislaine Maxwell, the festering brains behind this despicable sex trafficking operation, who wants to get her filthy claws on the Epstein estate. Jen will take you through that bizarre development. Clearly, these people are not normal. 
Bradley Edwards, the lawyer of 20 Epstein survivors, has penned a book which is certain to be a major game changer. The book is titled Relentless Pursuit and it drops some bombshells. So much so that Ghislaine Maxwell has been communicating via her minion (again).

Why will it be a game-changer? There is new information about Epstein being a spy, plus a creepy meeting with the dead pedophile.

Plus Ghislaine is trying to get money out of the Epstein estate.

The ladies also decide they want a Ghislaine Maxwell piñata.

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