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Bill & Gloria Gaither - Death Ain't No Big Deal [Live]

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Jake Hess, Bill Gaither, Squire Parsons, Kirk Talley, Terry Franklin - Official Video for 'Death Ain't No Big Deal [Live]', available now!

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Someday I’ll take my final breath
The doctor’l l take one look and say your dead
The truth is gonna finally be revealed
Oh, I’m gonna find death ain’t no big deal
He’ll reach down and gently close my eyes
I’ll be watching from the other side
I’ll be laughing ‘bout how scared I’d thought I’d be
Oh I’m gonna find death ain’t no big deal
My soul is gonna be
Just like a bird set free
I’ll sail right past the moon up to the stars
And I know I’ll be amazed
When I get to Heaven’s gate
'Cause I knew my way by heart
The light will shine much brighter than the sun
And I’ll be right back where I started from
Ain’t no way to say how good I’ll feel
Let me tell you death ain’t no big deal
At my Maker’s feet I’m gonna kneel and say
Thank you, Lord, Death ain’t no big deal

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