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Chris Watts Body Cam Footage on the Day Watts Family Reported Missing (RAW)

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Opublikowany w dniu 24 Jan 2020 / w Ludzie i blogi

Time Stamps Below
10:17 - Officer Coonrod contacts Chris Watts via cell phone
17:18 - Chris arrives from work in his Ford F-250
18:17 - Chris finally opens the front door letting everyone inside
22:00 - Shanann's cell phone found under couch pillow by Nickole Atkinson's kid
22:30 - Chris announces that all the girl's "Blankies" are gone
25:16 - Chris states that Shanann had a "Blackout" a long, long, long, long, long, long time ago
26:24 - Nickole says "You, you told me she went on a play date with the girls" Chris goes on to say he didn't know which friend the play date was supposed to be with
29:10 - Officer Coonrod repositions himself to make the radio call to dispatch cancelling the medical if they're staged ....The look on Chris' face at the sound of the call is pure panic
31:01 - Nickole asks if they could be at the pool and Chris responds as if it's a ridiculous question
34:40 - Chris walks out of the bedroom with Shanann's wedding band on the end of his finger as if to say "See I told you she wanted to leave me"
35:41 - Nickole asks "What about your bank account" and Chris states that he tried but he doesn't know the login info on their joint bank account & that he knows the password but not the login info
39:15 - Officer Coonrad asks Chris while in the walk-in closet if she said anything about leaving or moving out and Chris states again that she told him this morning the last time that he talked with Shanann that she said "She was gonna take the kids to a friends house" and then he asked where she was gonna be but she never responded to any of his texts or calls all day and also suggest that maybe someone came and picked her up
40:03 - Officer Coonrad says "Definitely an odd one"
42:43 - Officer Coonrad asks Chris "How long you been in the oil business and if it's a good job if he's likin' it" Chris proceeds to ramble incoherently about how he loves this job because it doesn't give him carpal tunnel and then says that it's great because he gets to spend more time with the kids
45:14 - They arrive at the neighbors house to review his security cam footage
47:13 - Officer Coonrod states that his Detective just showed up and that he'll probably want to talk to you
53:55 - As Chris leaves the neighbor Nathaniel says to Officer Coonrad "He's not actin' right at all"
1:02:00 - Nickole hands her cell phone to Officer Coonrod and states that it's Shanann's Mother
It's my personal opinion that Officer Coonrod should be promoted to Detective IMMEDIATELY ....just sayin'
1:09:35 - Detective Baumhover now on scene asks Chris if it's okay if they take a walk through
1:10:40 - Detective Baumhover begins looking through Shanann's cell phone
1:19:05 - Chris begins to babble incoherently about why he keeps closet door locked in the girls bathroom because there would be vaseline everywhere ....whatever in the fuck that means
1:22:25 - Nickole points out to Officer Coonrod that shannan's medication is in her purse on the counter in the kitchen
1:28:47 - Chris states again that Shanann told him they were going to a friend's house but didn't say who that friend was
1:32:03 - Proudly explains that the bag of clothes on the floor are old clothes of his that no longer fits because the jeans are 38's which are way too big now
1:36:49 - Chris advised Sgt. Bakes and Officer Coonrod that they had "free reign" and to "do whatever you gotta do." Chris was advised he can go inside with us or stay outside.
2:35:17 - Chris points out that she usually wears flip flops
2:36:46 - Chris states that he doesn't know how many credit cards she has
2:37:27 - Chis is on his phone with his bank and says taxi cabs and limousines on August 12th
2:46:20 - Chris asked if she has a passport and he kind of says yes
2:48:54 - Chris continues to babble like an idiot about when they got back from North Carolina & when he last slept in the basement
2:57:56 - A phone call is made to Chris at the end of the night to ask if he has heard from Shanann

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Link to Chris Watts Case Files (1,960 Documents FINAL)
18CR2003 The People of the State of Colorado v. Christopher Lee Watts

Colorado Open Records Act/Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act
Pursuant to Colorado Revised Statutes §24-72-200.1 et seq., and §24-72-301 et seq.:

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