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[Mukbang] Amazing! Salmon, Tuna, Sea Bream Only Head Sashimi Eatingshow????참치, 연어, 도미 머리 먹방 マグロ 鯛 サケ

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Opublikowany w dniu 16 Jan 2020 / In Podróże & wydarzenia

#Fish #Tuna #Mukbang
#Тунец #Dom #Лосось
#Best #Reaction #Ssoyoung
#Mukbang #Eatingsound

I've only collected fish heads and tried them.
Has it been a long time since you had tuna head?
It's been a while since I opened it in a barrel, so it tastes good and feels new.
I baked Sea Bream and salmon.
It was easy to compare the taste with the food in one place.♡
Tuna heads are always chewy!
Thank you for watching my video today.

생선머리만 모아서 먹어봤어요
참치머리는 오랫만이죠? 오랫만에 통으로 뜯으니 맛도 기분도 새롭네요
도미와 연어는 구이로 구워봤는데,
한곳에 모아놓고먹으니까 맛비교를 하기가 쉬웠어요♡
참치머리는 역시 언제먹어도 쫄깃하구요! 오늘도 제영상을 시청해주셔서 감사합니다.

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