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Alki David's Voyage: Killing Brigitte Nielsen (2007)

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Opublikowany w dniu 21 Nov 2020 / w Film i animacja

⁣Extreme hidden camera comedy at its finest. Six unsuspecting Men and Women think they are there to experience Greece at its finest but they are very wrong. They think they are making a pleasant documentary on sailing but take part in one of the most interesting and bizarre human experiments ever captured on tape. Whilst on a tour of the islands the motley team of documentary makers chance on Brigitte Nielsen the movie-star, on holiday. After several carefully orchestrated mishaps, Brigitte falls in love with one of the Volunteers. Brigitte is murdered by drug traffickers, and the Volunteers quickly find themselves with blood on their hands! After a series of even more bizarre events, they all end up in a Greek jail where they are filmed whilst under interrogation. A prison break ensues, followed by the big reveal.

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