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American Truck Simulator KENWORTH T800 2016

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GTM KENWORTH T800 2016 EDIT V0.5.2
And a feature list of current beta version 0.5.1:
-Truck is built in a similar to official SCS DLC manner
-Truck appears in multiple variants in Kenworth dealership
-Truck appears in multiple variants in Quick Jobs
-7 cabin types
-7 chasis types
-Each chasis can have multiple fueltanks variants installed (purely cosmetic)
-4 types of hoods
-Each hood has tuning parts fitted for it
-All new propper tuning parts
-Many tuning parts adapted from W900
Known issues:
-if you find anything please inform me in this thread

Developer website: http://www.eurotrucksimulator2.com
Website mods: http://modsgaming.ru
Group of facebook ATS & ETS2 - https://www.facebook.com/groups/TrucksGame/
Group of VK ATS & ETS2 - https://vk.com/euro_truck_simulator_2_game
Download mod - http://modsgaming.ru/load/american_truck_simulator/truck_usa/american_truck_simulator_skachat_mod_gruzovik_gtm_kenworth_t800_2016_edit_v0_5_2/132-1-0-6647
Authors mod - GT-Mike, SCS-Software
Video sound ♫ - The Solarburst – Teaser 2015 Part IV ( https://vk.com/thesolarburst )

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