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DeWalt 20V Rotary Laser with Tool Connect at World of Concrete 2018

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Opublikowany w dniu 16 Jan 2020 / w Nauka & technika

DeWalt has provided a solution for coupling long distance rotary laser use with their Tool Connect app-enabled features. What they've done is utilized the 2000-foot RF range of their target and paired the Tool Connect app to that system.

In this way, you can locate yourself up to 2000 feet from the rotary laser and still turn it on and off, set slopes, and receive notifications in the event the system has been bumped, dropped, or otherwise moved from its initial position.

The lasers are IP67-rated and built to withstand typical jobsite use and environmental conditions.

The new system is available with a Red or Green laser (the Green version should be priced around $1,499).

As always, be sure to stay for the outtakes!

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