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Can you still use Windows phone in 2019? 8 year Android user switched to a Microsoft Windows phone?

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Microsoft Windows operating system is officially going to be called off in 2019 December. While there are still 6 more months for that to be official, Windows mobiles have more or less vanished from both the market and from the consumers alike. In this video, I switch to a Windows phone as my daily driver to check whether myself or you can survive with a windows phone in 2019.

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0:48 - What is the reason for using a windows phone right now? When is Windows mobile officially going to be called off?
1:04 - What are the specifics of the phone that I used? Nokia Lumia 630 specs and configurations
2:33 - The good stuff about Windows mobile platform (Maybe very few including basic things like calling, accessing data, form factor, dark UI, typing experience, battery life, one-handed usage, live tiles, and multi-tasking)
3:40 - The good stuff about Windows mobile platform (Vastly outnumbers the good stuff, but prominent ones are not having a lift to wake the display, quick action toggles, camera software, camera hardware, and apps)
4:42 - The good and the bad summarized
4:54 - What is up with the apps in the Windows mobile platform? Do we have all the necessary apps in the app store?
5:05 - Are Windows apps like MS Office, MS Word and so on still usable on Windows mobile?
5:25 - Are instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Snapchat and so on still usable on Windows mobile?
6:08 - Are browsers like Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and so on still usable on Windows mobile? Which is the only usable browser in Windows mobile platform other than the internet explorer?
7:09 - Are video streaming service apps like YouTube,Vimeo and so on still usable on Windows mobile? How to use YouTube on Windows mobile? Can we use Netflix in Windows mobile?
7:47 - Are banking apps still usable on Windows mobile?
7:58 - Are shopping apps like Amazon, Flipkart and so on still usable on Windows mobile?
8:10 - Are cab services, music streaming services and so on still usable on Windows mobile?
8:16 - Can we still game on Windows mobile in 2019?
8:42 - Final verdict? Can you live with a Windows mobile as a daily driver? Why you can still use it as a dumb phone?
9:17 - Why I'm sad to see Windows Mobile platform go? What were some of the cool thing about it? What were some features newly introduced in Windows Mobile and later copied by Android or iOS?

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