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[50fps] Rain Madness @ 2007 European GP - w/ Murray Walker commentary

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Opublikowany w dniu 07 Feb 2020 / w Ludzie i blogi

22 July 2007 - One of the most incredible opening laps to any Grand Prix ever! And we were blessed with the wonderful Murray Walker returning for one last F1 commentary for BBC Radio.
Story:- As the entire field lined up on the grid with slick tyres, the rain started to fall. By the end of that first lap, it was pouring and six cars had already either spun, collided or taken a trip through the gravel. Everyone streamed into the pits for inters, except for Kimi Raikkonen who slid out of the pit entry and back onto the track and had to go around again. By the end of Lap 2, F1 debutant Markus Winkelhock, who had dived into the pits for wets at the end of the formation lap and started from the pitlane, was now leading Felipe Massa by 19 seconds! Moments later, the rain became too much and as everyone aquaplaned off into the gravel at Turn 1, the race was stopped. WHEW!!

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