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Kevin Hart's Car Crash Under INVESTIGATION | Why Did Kevin LEAVE The SCENE? (Details Inside)

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Kevin Hart is still currently in the hospital after receiving several surgeries to his spine after a terrible car accident he was in this weekend involving in 1970 Plymouth Barracuda that he gifted himself for his 40th birthday. Kevin and his wife's personal trainer Rebecca Broxterman and her fiance Jared Black were in Kevin's car and according to reports Jared was driving. The car veered off of the road onto an embankment causing serious damage to the car and furthermore, injuries to the occupants of the car. Kevin was able to get out of the car with the assistance of his security but the other two were left in the car. It is believed that Kevin went home to get help but according to reports, 1.5 hours had passed before a call was made from Kevins home to the police department. Jared and Rebecca were trapped in the car but luckily they were able to get help from witnesses of the crash who then called the police and the cars roof had to be cut in order to free the other passengers. What are your thoughts on the reason why Kevin Hart left the scene?

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