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Opublikowany w dniu 05 Feb 2020 / w Śmieszne


Here is a compilation of funny everyday moments every person can relate to! We know that you love funny videos and always make something new and cool! Do you have a friend that does everything better than you? She is thinner, smarter, good in sports, funnier and better in everything she does. Still, you can be inspired by your friend and her achievements and don’t forget that even if you think that she is better than you she is still a friend that loves you.
Are you a morning person? I’m not! My brain starts to fully function only after 12 p.m. That’s why I hate early meetings at work and with friends. I usually set 5 or more alarms so as not to be late for work. Most of the time it doesn’t work as I hit snooze about a thousand times in the morning. Also, a lot of awkward moments happen to me in the morning: I may confuse toothpaste with face cream; I sleep on the road; I couldn't find anything in the morning as I’m too sleepy.
Also, we prepared a collection of hilarious scenes about our expectations and reality. Sometimes we think that we look gorgeous but in reality, you see in the mirror is frightening as your hairstyle is awful and your makeup is a real fail. You spent a whole hour on cooking a crust pie and it should be perfect! In reality, you were speaking on the phone with your fried and forgot about a pie. The result is that you have a burnt pie crust.

00:20 When your friend is better than you
03:20 Expectations vs. reality
07:43 Do you hate early meetings?
10:12 Types of girls on dates

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