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Body Cam: Fatal Officer Involved Shooting Dec 12-2019. Anaheim Police Department

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The Anaheim Police Department released body camera, 911 call and details of a fatal officer involved shooting occurred on December 12, 2019 at an apartment complex near East Street and Lincoln Avenue.

The suspect has been identified as Taveonte Art Emmanuel, a 34 year old resident of Anaheim.

“At about 2220 hours the first call was received to Anaheim Police Department dispatch from a resident stating a male black adult, wearing a grey beanie and black pants was at their door screaming for the reporting party to open the door. Earlier report from the police said there was no mention of the subject being armed.

“Two APD patrol officers self-dispatched to the call at about 2230 hours and arrived on scene about 5 minutes later.

“Upon arrival they contacted the reporting party who identified Mr. Emmanuel as the subject in question and they told officers their call was related to a possible domestic violence incident involving Mr. Emmanuel.

“Officers attempted to contact Mr. Emmanuel but he was uncooperative with their efforts. Officers requested a supervisor to the scene and a field sergeant arrived at about 2250 hours.

“It was during that time officers again established contact with with Mr. Emmanuel and at about 2256 hours officers radio’d dispatch that there had been an officer involved shooting. The shooting occurred in the underground parking garage of the location. Officers on scene and subsequent responding officers provided medical aid until Mr. Emmanuel was transported to UCI Medical Center by Anaheim Fire and Rescue personnel where he ultimately died of his injuries.

“No Officers were injured during the incident and there was obviously at least one APD Officer who fired their weapon. Determining the number of officers who fired and the numbers of rounds fired will be handled by Orange County District Attorney’s Office as well as confirmation of any other items of evidence or statements that may have been obtained by them during their investigation…
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